It Was An Accident, I Swear!

So, it’s St. Patricks Day. It’s also a Saturday, so I imagine a lot of you are having a drink or two today. I am definitely not going out tonight. I have no desire to be in a crowded bar with people who have been drinking since 11 am. I think Im getting old…sigh…

Last year I went out to have one beer with Aly and I ended up getting accidentally drunk with Matt and stumbling home far too late for a school night. actually, these days the only time I get drunk it seems to be an accident. I almost never set out to have too much but on more than one occasion I have sat down with the intention of having one glass of wine or one pint of beer then I get talked into a game of “just one more” and end the night completely inebriated at a downtown bar. Now, I should say I have amazing friends who are always very concerned about my safety and who frequently walk me home. In the winter I will sometimes just stay at a friend’s place but in the summer I usually walk, especially if Im just a few blocks away at Sam’s. If I go alone I usually text Sam when I get home to let him know I am safe, though for a while I realised that he didn’t read my “home safe!” messages until the next morning, which means my killer has had like 12 hours to hide the evidence. Not comforting.

Last summer, to keep things real, I sent this message to Sam –

Yes, the next morning I found myself witty enough to take that screen cap. Also, please note the time on that message. Drunk before midnight. Class act!

Anyway, if you are going out tonight have fun and be safe!

Happy St. Patricks Day!


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