Television and Travel Plans

So…did you watch it? I was glued to my tv on Sunday night watching the première of Mad Men. I thought it was good. Nothing was too earth shattering but I find that about a lot of première anyway. There were no huge cliff hangers from season 4, so this episode was mainly about seeing how things that we learned about in the finale (think Joan and Don) played out. I’m trying to keep things pretty spoiler free here, but I might change that and open up a bit more of a discussion if people would like. So, if you would like a place to talk about your thoughts about the show, leave a comment and we can start a dialogue.

The other thing that has been taking up a lot of my time is travel planning. The girls and I are planning another island adventure.  Right now we aren’t sure if we are going to try and book the same cottage we had last year or if we are going to make a little more of a hike up to Aly’s cottage in Quebec. I’m also planning another trip to New York in September to celebrate my birthday. Last time we went to NYC we stayed in a hotel at 57th and 9th, which was a good central location. Close to Columbus Circle and subway lines, we spent a lot of time in Midtown and in the Financial District. I think this trip we want to spend more time on the west side around Chelsea, Greenwich, Soho and Tribeca. We are actually looking at apartments in Chelsea after such a great experience with renting an apartment in Paris. I know that September is a long way off, but I love travel planning and checking out apartments and plans gives me something to look forward to all summer.

As always, if anyone has any “must sees” for our trip please let me know. We are always excited to see or do something new!


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