Turn Your Head And Cough

I had an exam today. No, not that kind of exam. Another exam on the way to receiving my Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation. Believe me, it’s as exciting as it sounds. My company forces heavily encourages us to gain this designation. It’s actually written into almost every job posting in the company and I have yet to be in an interview where I wasn’t asked the question, “tell me, are you actively pursuing your CIP designation?”. Basically you take 10 courses, pass 10 exams and bingo bango! You now have 3 more fancy letters to put after your name in your email signature. This would make course number 8 for me and I was super stressed about this exam.

Honestly, I used to be the girl you hated in university – I never studied and (for the most part) I always got great grades,  I spent all night at the bar (sometimes working, more often drinking) and aced the exam, I stared the paper the day it was due and got it back with a circled red A on it. I self-identify as smart. Then I started taking these courses and all that changed. I actually had to try and I hated it.

My first few courses I passed with a bit of studying but it was still more than I had done in a long time. Then I took a course about property insurance (told you this stuff was a laugh a minute) and I failed. Seriously. I have never failed anything in my life, not even an eye test, and I failed this course. So as required, I re-wrote my exam. And I failed. Again. It wrecked my self-esteem. I actually took a year off from taking these courses because I knew I couldn’t move on until I passed this course but the idea of taking it again was just too much for me. Eventually I had no choice and I took the course over, this time in class as opposed to correspondence like the first time I took it. I studied hard. I was a mess. It caused this disaster in my apartment, but in the end I passed.

I spent this past weekend studying and once again my apartment is a mess, my PVR however is empty as I usually had something on in the background while I worked. I’m not going to kid you, I was stressed. A few years ago it would have never even occurred to me that I could fail them, especially since this course was one of the easier ones, but there was  a little more pressure. I only have two more courses left and I plan on being done by the end of this year. Failing my exam today puts me behind that schedule and it wont allow me to take the next class I registered for as the next class has to be one of your final two, and it wont be if I don’t complete this course. The exam is written at this point and while I feel good about it, I have been rocked before. Call me once (twice) bitten, twice (three times) shy.

The results will be back in about 6 weeks. In the mean time, my next course starts a week from tomorrow. Its going to be a fun summer kids. Pray for me.


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