And Then She Was All Like, “There was totally enough room for two on that board”….

Tomorrow Min and I are going to see Titanic (in RealD 3D y’all!). I cannot explain how excited I am. Seriously. When we were 16 we saw it in the theatre 6 times. I know that sounds a little intense, but not all six of those viewings were with one another (my first time was with Martina. Hey Martie!) and we were like 16, so seeing a Leonardo DiCaprio movie multiple times was not out of character. We were pretty sure that if we watched it enough times maybe the ending would change, Jack would live and we would finally get our happily ever after.

When Titanic came out on VHS we spent many a Friday night obsessively watching it on the tiny TV in Misty’s bedroom. Min in her day bed and me on the trundle, eating Swedish Berries and debating which of Rose’s dresses was the prettiest. We never watched the second VHS tape, only the first. Why bother with the second? Rose just wears that blousey number and trudges through waist-high water while the boat slowly sinks and steerage class people shout at her. Not cute.

Tomorrow the 4 of us reunite (me, Min, Jack and Rose – obvi). I’m not going to lie – there may be tears.

My favourite Rose number. Perfect for dinner with your overbearing fiancé, dancing with the common folk or anything you have planned for the evening!

Fun fact – James Cameron is a Niagara Falls boy and went to high school just up the road from where Misty and I lived. True story.


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