The First Rule of Blogging

“Post on a regular schedule so your readers know when to expect new content.”

That is the first rule of blogging. It’s not one I abide by. For proof please look for January 2012 in that handy drop down to your left called “The Past”. I couldn’t even eek out an obligatory “Happy New Year!!!” post that month. The truth is, a schedule makes you obligated. It makes you feel like you must post even if absolutely nothing happened that day. I mean, I can’t possibly be the only one that has spent a Sunday or two unshowered in their pajamas. Who wants to read about that? As it is, I feel obligated to write about my experience going off Facebook for Lent, but I cant figure out anyway to articulate my feelings on the subject other than, “I went of Facebook for 40 days. Didn’t miss it as much as I thought.” So why bore you with further details created only for the sake of a mediocre story to post to this blog?

The real truth – the real first rule of blogging is post when you can, try to make it as consistent as possible but more importantly post what you find moving, funny and interesting. I know that each of us is a snowflake, with our own interests and passions, but in reality you are just as unique as everyone else. There is an audience of people put there just as weird and savvy as you are and hopefully they find your little space on the intertron – but if they don’t, recognize that the reason you even started your blog in the first place was for you, and be okay with that.


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