Wednesday Whine

I’m feeling super complainy today. Not quite stabby, but somewhere above eye-rolly and below stabby, but only just. I have a list of grievances, but in an effort to suck it up and move past this mood I am only going to vent about one.

I hate when people in the office come to me and say, “hey, did you get my email?”. First, what are the chances that I didn’t get it? Of course I got it, it’s an internal email. If you didn’t get a bounce back, then yes, I got it. I may not have read it yet (which actually wasn’t what you asked), but rest assured, it’s in my in-box. My second problem with this email is that most people send me multiple emails per day resulting in at least 50 emails per day in my in-box, which I realise is relatively low compared to some people (I have instant messaging to thank for this), but still a significant amount of email. Specifically which email are you speaking of? The one about technical problems with the new system enhancements or the one with all the cute kitties with motivational sayings underneath? Don’t make me guess. I will almost always guess wrong and we will both be embarrassed.

In the meantime pictures like this are helping to get me out of my funk. And yes, it is a cute kitty.

I can’t hear your judgement with my earbuds in. Back to work!


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