Pop Culture’s Worst Mothers

In honour of Mother’s Day, I have decided to take a look at some of pop cultures worst mothers. Hang on to your seats, kids. If you think you had a rough childhood just be glad you didn’t call any of these women “mommy”.

Pop Cultures Worst Mothers

1. Betty Draper, “Mad Men” – cold, uncaring Betty doesn’t care if you play with plastic bags over your head as long as you can fix her a cocktail and keep quiet when she has a hang over. She pays special attention to her youngest son but never acknowledges her other one. Betty’s parenting style is so indifferent she didn’t even notice when her 9-year-old daughter ran away from home.

2. Diane Austen, “Lost” – she turned her own daughter into the cops for killing her deadbeat abusive husband. She testified against her in court, then tried to blackmail her. The dead abusive father – he was her daughter’s biological father, though for years she led her daughter to believe it was another man.

3. Lucile Bluth, “Arrested Development”- admittedly she “doesn’t particularly care for” her oldest son, the paternity of her youngest son is still up for debate and she has called her daughter an alcoholic, fat and insinuated that her husband is homosexual,  while hiding that she was actually adopted. While she may seem to dote on her youngest she has only done so to keep him living at home so she can have him zip her dresses and brush her hair. When he rebelled she adopted a Korean boy whose name she never bothered to learn in order to “teach Buster a lesson”. Pill popping, booze guzzling, affair having, Lucile Bluth is no one’s first choice for Mother of The Year, even if the folks at Motherboy disagree.

4. Monica Gallagher, “Shameless” – It doesn’t get much more absentee than this. Monica left all 6 of her children with her alcoholic husband, who left it to their eldest to handle the younger ones. Like Lucille Bluth one of her sons was actually fathered by her brother-in-law (nope, not that one). She has tried to take one of her children away from the other 5, only to chicken out at the last-minute and abandon him all over again.

5. Lianne Mars, “Veronica Mars” – when the going gets tough Lianne gets going! She abandons her only daughter after Veronica’s best friend was brutally murdered and abandons her husband when his career hits the skids. In her absence Veronica learns that due to some infidelity years ago Veronica may actually be siblings with her ex-boyfriend. Desperate for a relationship, Veronica searches for her estranged mother, finds her and uses her life savings to put her through rehab. Lianne checks out of rehab and goes back to the bottle, preventing her daughter from being able to go to an Ivy League school.

And because we never like to tell just one side of the story around here, I give you an example of the worlds Best Mother.

Cindy, my mother. She never left me in the care of strangers, never turned me into the cops, never let me play with plastic bags over my head. More than that she has always been there for me, even when I didn’t always deserve it. She makes a mean dinner and always has the perfect glass of wine to go with it. Who else says “I’ll meet you at the airport”, 6 hours before you are scheduled to fly to France just to share the adventure with you? So, happy Mother’s Day to you, Mum. I love you!


*** and because I know he reads and loves the blog, a very happy birthday to by big brother (in-law) Wes. Love ya, bud! ***


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