Yesterday I blogged about how the restaurant I used to work at while I was in university was closing. To give it a proper send out I met up with a few people who I used to work with, and even a few people who I have met because of them to have one final drink and snack. At one point I got up and wandered down the expo line, through the dining room, to a section I used to serve frequently and memories just flooded back. Since I worked there the restaurant has been renovated, moving away from a Muskoa themed cook-house to a more modern look, but as soon as I came up to the hutch under the staircase I saw the paddle bolted to the wall, the old fishing net and pictures of people canoeing down quite lakes. I heard Meghan sighing about a hostess, Shawn telling jokes to his table, Jeremy asking what items to promo for a birthday. I could smell the pickerel platter and feel the weight of plates on my arm.  Personally I have come a very long way from those days, but sometimes it’s difficult to see just how far you have come until you take a look back. 

Later that night I went to a different bar to meet up with Sam and a few others. I really shouldnt have gone. I have an assignment due on Wednesday for another insurance course I am taking, but I couldn’t resist. This particular bar used to be our hangout after we finished up our Sunday shifts. They had, and in fact still have, karaoke on Sunday nights. Some of us would sing, all of us would drink. It was the highlight of my week. Last night was different, and of course that bar will still be there next Sunday, but it felt fitting to say goodbye to both these places last night. 



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