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I couldn’t have said it better myself!


I felt that out of the 514 pages in this book, 73 were worth reading. For your convenience, I have listed all worthwhile pages here (Yes, they’re the dirty ones. You’re welcome):

113- 122

134- 142

191- 196

263- 268

273- 276

318- 329

348- 350

362- 366

371- 372

428- 430

437- 438

479- 480

484- 492

So what were the remaining 441 pages about? Well, mostly Anastasia Steele (the craven virgin turned freak-in-the-sheets slash victim of domestic abuse) entertaining mind-numbingly irritating dialogue between her subconscious and her “inner-goddess” (don’t get me started…ahem “my inner goddess is doing pole vaults.”), conducting constant and painstaking analysis of Christian Grey’s facial expressions, and biting her lower lip.

What you will not find in these 441 pages is anything surprising. What was surprising was to hear this book so frequently touted as being groundbreaking for women. Believe it or not, there is…

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