Winning Pins

So, two things you should know about me – I love to cook and I love Pinterest. I don’t really post a lot about cooking here because I feel like there are so many great food blogs out there that there was no reason to compete, but in the year since I posted about how amazing Pinterest is I have pinned and made many, many recipes. Some of them were amazing, some only okay. That really is the gamble with Pinterest (or any recipe really) is that sometimes you see an amazing picture on a blog but the results are far from perfect. so I thought I would give a little recap of the recipes I have tried so that there is a little context to the pictures you see. I have two goals here, one is to give an honest review of some of the recipes I have tried but the other is to encourage me to create more of the things I pin. I am going to be posting these reviews every Tuesday and each post will link back to the original recipe, so you can pin it or find it from here.

My only disclaimer is that Sam has been my test subject for most of these recipes, and while he is a kind and generous person, he is not very picky and I can’t really say he has disliked very much, so you might see us difference in our opinions from time to time. Without further ado, our first post today will be on…

Garlic Herb Pull Apart Bread

Click to access the original recipe

Difficulty – 7/10 It’s not difficult per se, but kneading dough and letting it rest is more time and effort than some people are willing to give.

Time – Over 3 hours. Again, a lot of this time is resting and letting dough rise. It’s probably closer to 30 minutes actual working time.

Taste – 8/10

Reviews – Sam loves this bread and asks for it all the time, but I dont often make it because of the time commitment. I have made it for Judgy Monday as well, and it was a big it. Warm bread tends to bring people together. This bread turns out exactly as it looks in the picture. I usually serve it with the bowl of marina in the middle of the ring, which I think makes a nice presentation.

Would I make it again? Yes, and I have! Warm, chewy, garlicy bread dipped in marinara sauce – what’s not to like? I always tend to add more garlic, cheese and herbs than the recipe calls for, but even as written this bread is delicious. It is the perfect thing to make in the winter for an appetiser or as a snack when a group of friends are sitting around chatting. I find items that people can sit and nibble on are always big hits. This one is a winner!


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