We’re Just Like The Kardashians, Only Slightly Less Famous

My mother got married earlier this summer, and as a gift to her, my sister Lindsay, her husband and I gave the newlyweds a photo shoot so we could get family photos done with all our new family members. This is actually the first time that we have ever had men in our family photos! The gender bias is evening out in this joint.

At the end of July we all gathered in Niagara-On-The-Lake where we spent a few hours being photographed by the amazing Vanessa Balenovich. I have to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to that day. Usually photo shoots are so stuffy and boring, and I was really looking forward to my week at the cottage, which was scheduled to begin as soon as the shoot ended. Honestly – we had so much fun. Vanessa did a great job taking captivating portraits as well as some great candid shots.  She was incredible with my nephew Nicholas, capturing his attention and recognizing when he was getting a little cranky and moving onto the grown ups. If anyone has an event coming up I cannot recommend Vanessa enough. She has done Nicholas’s new-born pictures, Lindsay’s trash the dress shoot and other sessions for Lindsay and her family. Check her out at vbphotography.net

Now, onto the pictures…

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