Adventure to The Badlands

Every once in a while I get a text message from my friend Mike (hi Mike!) asking me if I want to run away with him. My answer is almost always yes. Recently we have crossed the border into the US to shop in Buffalo and gone to Hamilton to take photos of old steel yards. I don’t always know where we are going before we set out, which is why I packed my passport and $11 in American cash before heading out. Mike had something different in mind though. Truth be told, I’m not sure Mike had anything in mind. I think the idea was to just get in the car and drive. This is what we came across…

The Cheltenham Badlands. Excuse the poor picture quality, these were taken on my Blackberry. Mike is the real photographer.

The formation of the Badlands was exposed by poor farming practices in the 1930s that lead to soil erosion, exposing the underlying shale. The formation is mostly red in colour due to iron oxide deposits with some faint green streaks due to ground water percolation changing the red iron oxide into green iron oxide (source).

It was really cool. We walked around and although it looks like it would be really hard, it was soft and almost bouncy, like the fake rubber tarmac that they have at children’s play grounds.

After exploring the Badlands, and a minor slip from the less graceful among us, we continued on our drive down winding roads under a canopy of bright orange leaves. I wish I had a picture of that, because it was truly beautiful. We stopped at the Spirit Tree Cidery where I spent more money than I planned on goodies like apple butter, maple butter, and cheese buns and Mike  bought us some amazing chocolate chip cookies.

Considering I had initially planned on spending the day at home studying and doing laundry, Sunday turned out to be a great day! Thanks for the adventure, Mike!


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