Advent 2012 – Day 2

Day two was a great day! I started it off at Sam’s place. I slept there Saturday night because we were having our annual Christmas extravaganza. We order Festive Specials, drink wine and watch Christmas movies. The movies change each year, but the one thing we watch every year is Love Actually. So many great scenes, but this one kills me every time –


Ugh! Anyway, that is why I was at Sam’s place on Sunday morning. Later that day Sam and I met up with Aly and her little Sara for some lunch. Sara had some fun with cardboard mustaches left over from Movember.


In the late afternoon I hit the gym with grown-up Sarah for her very first hot yoga class. I have been away from the studio for a very long time, and boy did it feel better to get back to it! I got home exhausted and ready to devour the pasta sauce I had warming in the crockpot. Before I got to dinner, I had to open Day 2 in my Advent Calendar.


That picture was taken in the only clean spot in my apartment. I am a bit behind on my housekeeping.

Bards was very light, and didn’t have a very strong flavour. That makes it sound like I didn’t enjoy it, which isn’t true, it was so unoffensive that you couldn’t really dislike it. It was a good way to end a relaxing Sunday.


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