Return to Blogging

Hello loyal blog readers!

It’s been a very long time. I took a break from blogging. It was not a planned break on my part but I have been getting pressure to return to my blog (Misty, I’m looking in your direction), so here I am.

Since I’ve been gone so many things have changed that I couldn’t possibly begin to describe them all – I’ve been to Mexico, had a little heart break, kept busy with work, and have been planning for my new niece or nephew who is arriving in October.

Disclaimer: I know the gender of the baby, but not everyone in the family does, so I don’t have my sister’s permission to publish it here.

Aside from my blog break, I have also taken a Facebook break. Both last year and this year I took a break from Facebook for Lent. I remember a religion teacher from years back saying that when choosing something to give up for Lent it should be something that consumes a lot of your time or thoughts, so that you can clear this time and devote it to prayer and self-reflection. I thought Facebook fit the bill. I was never big about going on Facebook on a computer, but I would constantly check it on my phone. While waiting in line, stopped at a red light, or lazily sitting on the couch watching TV, I would flip through Facebook. This was the first thing I noticed when I deleted the app from my phone. My fingers would automatically navigate to the spot that used to house that app, only to open my weather app.

Now though, I have to say I don’t miss Facebook one bit. I found that my time was being sucked up by comparing myself and my life to others, judging other peoples choices and lives and yes, Facebook stalking the odd person (c’mon we all do it!). I just felt like the time I spent on Facebook wasn’t healthy time and I found that I didn’t care about most of the updates I was seeing. The people I do care about have my number, we email, text and do this crazy thing called “talking in person”. Old fashioned, I know.

I still have a variety of social media outlets. This blog, Twitter (@ash_a_leigh) and Instagram (ash_a_leigh_) are some of my favourites. I find that the connections I still have make me smile and make me think. I find them useful and entertaining, where with Facebook I was constantly eye-rolling or negative. For the time being, I don’t see any return, but never say never.

I’m happy to be back, blogsters! I hope to be talking to you again soon.


3 thoughts on “Return to Blogging

      • martyfnemec says:

        I know the feeling. I took half of a year off before I made this blog. I let laziness get the better of me because I spend hours on each post typically and I decided I’d rather not write anything than short posts. Now that I have started again, I wish I never stopped.

        And it feels good to have you back! Haha.


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