Weekend Time

Hello blogsters!

The weekend is finally here! Things have been so crazy at work lately that I can really use some time off. I am spending this weekend in Niagara Falls. My 90 year old great aunt is having minor surgery which will leave her out of comish for the weekend. I am visiting to keep her company and to help my mum take care of her. My aunt never had any children, so my mum is essentially her adopted daughter. They have gotten especially close since my grandmother died. So, my weekend will not exactly be action-packed, but it will be good to see family.

Before I leave you for the weekend, I thought I would share some pictures from a hike I went on with Mike earlier this week. We hit some trails up in the north end near Guelph lake. It was beautiful, and a great way to catch up while getting some exercise.

Pro-tip: if you are going to be hiking in the woods in July, wear bug spray. My legs are chewed up. I can practically feel the West Nile pumping through me.






Have a great weekend!


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