What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Another summer vacation has come and gone. This year, like the past two I traveled to Northern Quebec to Aly and Jer’s cottage. Their cottage is located on a very tiny island. Really, there is not much on the island other than the cottage, some boardwalks and decks. The cottage only has electricity and running water when the generator is running and the shower is located on the dock, so its fairly rustic, but incredibly charming.


I spent the week relaxing in the sunshine, reading and jet-skiing. I tried paddle boarding for the first time and even caught my first pickerel. Truthfully, it’s the first fish I have caught since we were in New Brunswick in 2003. We made s’mores, played checkers and enjoyed a margarita (or two).


 It was a great week away, but I am happy to be back. I got back on Saturday after an 8 hour drive and spent all of Sunday getting back into the swing of things here. I ran errands, got groceries, did laundry and caught up on a little bit of housework. My next trip away will be to Chicago in mid-September, but since most of my recent vacations seem to be all about exploring and touring around new cities, its nice to visit somewhere familiar and just take things easy.

And with view like this, how could you not?



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