Time For A Change

Things are about to get heavy. Rather, they already have. It seems that I have been a little relaxed in my regimen this summer and my waist line is finally starting to notice. The jeans I bought that were about a size too big a few months ago are now fitting well, verging on getting tight. I usually don’t get too hung up on my weight, I rarely weigh myself, and I have a pretty decent body image. I try and make healthy choices, but I love food and I am never one to sacrifice. Life is for living and food is a big part of that, but I think I have to start making some changes to get things under control because lately I have been very uncomfortable with how I look.

I don’t really know where this weight gain is coming from, I have been running more than I usually do, and my food choices have not been perfect, but I never thought they were that bad. Perhaps I have been treating myself more than usual.  Anyway, regardless of where the weight is coming from, I need to make some changes. Earlier this week when I went grocery shopping, I stocked up on tonnes of fruits and veggies and chicken. I will be making salads for lunch since I think part of the problem is the work cafeteria. There are great salads and healthy soup and sandwich options, but the hot chicken parm on a bun with fries and a salad always trumps cold turkey sandwiches!

I am also going to start a training plan with RunKeeper. I have been using this app for a while to track my outdoor runs, as well as my spin classes and even the hike I went on a few weeks ago with Mike and I LOVE it. Seriously. It tells me my distance, pace, maps my route, marks calories and even allows you to IMG_0602write little blurbs to remind you of how your workout was that day. It has optional social media and is incredibly user friendly. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great all purpose fitness app. The app also supplies training plans like couch to 5k and half marathon training. I am going to be doing the couch to 5k. Its probably going to be pretty easy for me as I usually run 3-4k, but for me its more about having a schedule and sticking to it.  I’m hoping that this running schedule combined with a yoga class or two throughout the week will help combat some of the chub I’ve been seeing lately. 

So wish me luck! Hopefully, I will start feeling more like myself in a few weeks. 


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