Wild Adventures

This past weekend I went to visit my family in Niagara. Honestly, I love my family but I hate visiting them in the summer. It takes me an hour longer to get there and just as long to get home. It’s quite annoying. Regardless, I made it to Niagara on Saturday relatively unscathed. I visited Min and we took Sophie to the splash pad for some playtime. Later that night my mum, her husband Mark and I all went out for dinner, but unfortunately we did not make it there unscathed. We were rear-ended about two blocks from the restaurant. Mark and I are fine, but my mother has a sore neck. My step-dads car is dinged up, but barely so. We were pretty lucky.

After our experience on Saturday night I decided my luck had to change, so Sunday I took my 90 year old aunt to the Bingo and she won $50! We always split the winnings with one another, but really I don’t care too much about the cash, I just love when we win because it makes my aunt so happy. I know she will be telling the story all week. Sunday night my sister came over with her husband and my adorable nephew, Nicholas. I managed to snap this shot of him snuggling with his dad after splashing around in his pool.


Although I had a great time in Niagara, I was happy to make it back to Guelph on Sunday night. I caught up on my two current TV obsessions – Big Brother and Breaking Bad and got to bed in preparation for our big day at African Lion Safari.


I met Lindsay and Nicholas there around 11, and we had an absolute blast! We rode the boat and saw lemurs and gibbons. We also rode a train, which Nicholas was convinced he was going to be able to drive (he didn’t). We saw camels and elephants on the train but Nicholas’s favorite part was when the train whistled as it went through the tunnel. One of the parts of the park I was most looking forward to was the petting zoo. Nicholas loves animals and I was excited for him to get a chance to see some animals up close and pet and feed them. Unfortunately, they only seemed to have goats in the petting zoo, which was a little lame, but he still enjoyed petting them.

We ate some lunch then boarded the bus for our trip through the game reserves.


For those who aren’t familiar with African Lion Safari, the main attractions are game reserves where you can take a bus, or drive your own car through sections of the park where the animals roam loose. Ostriches walk right up to your car, and cheetahs cross the road in front of you. It’s actually really cool, because you get to see the animals right up close. There is also a section where baboons run free and are known to jump on cars. They actually have a monkey check-point when you leave that section to make sure you don’t have and hop-ons. Lindsay’s car is a lease so she didn’t want to risk any damage to it, and mine is only a hatchback, which means Nicholas probably wouldn’t be able to see much from the back, so we rode the bus. It was also really cool because we got to see Nicholas see the animals, and we could interact with him a lot more. His favorite animals were the lions, ostriches and buffalo.

After this we wandered around the park a little and stumbled upon the elephant ride. Lindsay is too pregnant to ride so I got to go with Nick. My first time on an elephant!


Finally, we ended the day at the splash pad, where Nicholas got to play in the water and cool off.


African Lion Safari has really expanded since the last time I was there! We had a great time and probably could have spent a few more hours there but Nicholas is a little young for some of the shows. He gladly would have spent all day in the splash pad if we had let him and there were jungle gyms and other playground things that we never even went to. Southern Ontarions – if you haven’t been in a few years, take your favorite little one and check it out!


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