Five Facts Friday

Things are a little slow at the office today, so let’s spend some time getting to know one another…

  • Today was the first time I heard that Robin Thicke song Blurred Lines. For real. I am a radio snob, and typically only listen to CBC. If I’m getting really wild, I might listen to the alt/rock station. Frequently a song has to hit Gangnam Style over-saturation before I have any hope of recognizing it.
  •  In grade school I played a flying monkey in our school’s production of The Wizard of Oz. I was supposed to swoop in and snatch Toto while other monkeys took away Dorothy, but Toto and I “dated” (it was totally May/December, he was in 4th grade and I was in 5th) and broke up before the play, so I bargained with another monkey to switch and grab Dorothy.
  • The first love letter I ever received was written on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stationary and was left in the spokes of my bike. It was written by the boy who played Toto. My mother found it before I did. I am still mortified by it.
  • I can quote the movie Clueless almost flawlessly from beginning to end. My sisters and I watched it so often as teens that we wore out our VHS copy.
  • I was once bitten by a horse who shared my name. It took almost 10 years for the scar on my arm to fade.

Who else out there wants to share some random facts?


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