I think we need to do a little catch-up around here!

  • A few weeks ago a very cute boy took me to Blue Mountain for a lovely lunch, and an even better day wandering around the resort and going to a rodeo that was run by one of his friends. I used to ride when I was younger and I love horses, so it was so much fun being outside and amongst kindred spirits

image (1)

  • This same very cute boy made a great day even better by taking me on a helicopter ride over Georgian Bay (squee!). It was my first helicopter ride, and in case you can’t tell from the expression on my face, I was very excited.



  • We capped the day off by eating burgers and sipping wine in front of the fire and a few episodes of Breaking Bad. It was one of the better weekends of my life. Cute boy scored major points.
  • I’m off to Chicago this weekend for my annual birthday trip. Every time I tell people I am going to Chicago I get the same response – “Omigod! I looooove Chicago!”. As a lover of NYC, I am interested in seeing how Chicago measures up.
  • This year I am going with Sam and my mum. Typically I go away with my mother, but this year she initially told me she wouldn’t be able to afford a vacation, so I planned to go with Sam. When my mother found out we were going to Chicago, she got a little jelly and said she wished she could come. I asked Sam if he thought this was okay, and his response was, “Sure! I prefer her over you anyway.” Feel the love, people. Just feel it.
  • I don’t know how or who or where but somehow I was introduced to Erin Condren. Her Life Planners are supposed to be the very best. I fell in love with them when I first saw them, obsessed, obsessed, obsessed, then eventually made the plunge and bought one. For a $50 planner with $40 shipping to Canada, this better be the best planner  I have ever bought!
  • I may or may not have spent hours reading reviews on the Erin Condren Life Planners and watching YouTube videos of people unboxing them and showing them off (hint: I did).

That’s about it for now! I will be back in a few days to chat about my trip to Chicago and probably a review of my new planner. Enjoy the rest of your hump day, internet!


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