This weekend was a great one filled with lots of friends and movies. I had a long list of items on my To-Do list, which sadly did not get done, but it was all because I was having fun and not doing laundry and running errands!

Friday night I ran into Meghan just as I was entering the LCBO, then ran into Sam and Trish as I was leaving. It might say something about my friend base that they are all hanging out at the liquor store…

That night, Sam and Trish invited me to meet them for a drink after dinner, but when Sam messaged me at 10 I was already in bed (hello sassy single lifestyle!). I actually slept til 10 am the next day, which is really unlike me. Usually on the weekends I’m up between 8 and 8:30, especially if I went to bed so early the night before, but my body must have really needed the sleep. I spent the rest of Saturday just relaxing, emptying the PVR and reading in bed. It was fabulous.

That night Sam and I grabbed some take away and watched The Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring. Sam is a big LOTR nerd fan, and has read the book about 50 times, which was fab because I have never read them. I have tried to watch the movie before but I got lost and fell asleep. This time was great because all my questions were answered and I got some back story that wasn’t in the movies. Sam however did not seem to appreciate all the parallels I was drawing between The Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter, but honestly, if you expect that I can see a wizard using his wand as a flashlight and not call out “lumos!”, then you are wrong my friend! Dead wrong.

It was in the middle of our Tolkien geek-fest that I got an email from Trish asking me if I wanted to meet her for brunch the next day and head to Lunafest.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lunafest, as  I was, it is a film festival that travels all over North America and shows several short films that are for women, by women and about women. At first I was a little skeptical because I am definitely not a Lilith Fair, Grrl Power type of girl but Trish is amazing, so I knew an afternoon with her and some new friends would be a lot of fun. I am so glad I went! First we had a great brunch at The Joint, which was delicious. I was so torn between the breakfast wrap and the french toast, but I went with the breakfast wrap because savory almost always wins out over sweet for me. Truthfully though, every dish that went past me looked great. After brunch we walked over to the Guelph Youth Music Center where the films were being shown.

To see a list of the films that were shown at the screening you can check out the Lunafest site.

My favourite by far was Flying Anne. It was such a great story. The little girl in the film is so sweet and brave and the relationship with her best friend just might be the cutest thing in the whole world. It was really heartwarming. A close second was the film titled Tiny Miny Magic. It was also quite adorable, like a mini rom-com with a surprise twist ending. The great thing about Lunafest was not just that the films were great, and ones that I never would have seen anywhere else, but the vibe is also a lot of fun. There were door prizes and a little intermission reception with coffee and cake. It was a great way to network and really interact with women in the community (it was hosted by the local Soroptomist club).

I would highly recommend checking out if there is a Lunafest coming to your town. Grab some girlfriends and check it out!


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