Regards, Doug

My dad is a weird dude. Actually, scratch that. He is far from weird. He is incredibly formal. Today he called me at work and his reply to my greeting was, “this is your father calling to confirm lunch with you tomorrow.” He signs his emails, “regards, Doug”. Once, after telling him I was angry and then being angry that he didn’t seem concerned he said, “you’ve been mad in the past and you’ve always gotten over it. I trust this time will be no different.” He’s infuriating. But despite this, he can be warm and funny. I may be the only person who really sees these qualities sometimes, but they are there.

He drives me crazy but tonight I am grateful for him. Tonight I am thinking about my dad and how much I love him and his sometimes less than affectionate way. Tonight I am also thinking about a friend and wishing him strength in a difficult time. -xo


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