Farewell, TinyCar

Back in 2009 my life was quite different. I was still working for the same company I am with now, but I had a different job. I was dating a boy who lived about an hour away in Toronto. Most importantly, I had a pretty strong relationship with  most of my city’s bus drivers. I had no car. I was working in a role where I made okay money, but I was only on contract. If my contract wasn’t extended I would go back to my old job where I was making peanuts. Despite this, and probably coupled with my desire to see my friends, family and boyfriend all who lived in different cities, I decided to buy my first car.

Really, I did have a car before. It was a 1992 2-door maroon Sunbird that was given to me the day after I got my license. Now, before you all claim I was ‘spoiled’ I should advise you that I needed this car to get to and from school and my three (yes, three!) part time jobs. The timing of me getting my license just happened to coincide with my mother also getting a new car, thus she gave her old one to me. I eventually gave it to my younger sister when I left for university. She traded it in, and she should consider herself fairly lucky to have gotten $50 for it, if even that much.

Anyway, since that car basically fell into my lap, I had never bought a new car before. I spent the 9 years between going to university and the purchase of my car taking the bus, walking or relying on the big hearts of my kind friends to get around. Since I was in a new role at work and I had a little extra money each month, I decided to take the plunge and get a car.

I went from dealership to dealership and basically said the same thing, “I want a car. Has to be automatic. Has to have input for my iPod. The lowest price gets my business.” Really. That was all I cared about. I didn’t care about horsepower, I don’t even know what cylinders had to do with anything, and I definitely wasn’t picky about colour. I got some sass from the Nissan dealership (still not thrilled with them) and I got a decent price from the good folks at Toyota, but ultimately I went with Hyundai.

I picked up my Accent on May 9th, 2009, a few short days after returning from Misty’s wedding in Cuba. To say I was thrilled was an understatement. It quite literally changed the way I lived my life. No longer did I have to plan my day around bus schedules and try and get all my running around done between transfers. I was able to see my boyfriend and my family much more often. I was able to get up north to play on the lake with friends. It was incredible.

My initial plan was to name my car Accent Annie. It’s a variation on my middle name, and I liked the alliteration of Accent Annie, but unfortunately it never stuck. From the very beginning she has been TinyCar and TinyCar has been very good to me. Other than normal maintenance, I haven’t had to replace anything, I have haven’t had to repair anything (owing in part that I traded her in just when I light broke). She has only ever suffered two dead batteries. Once because I left my car parked with the hazards on while I prepped for Jennifer’s bridal shower and the other when I left the light on overnight after writing a nasty note to a stranger parked in my building’s parking lot. Talk about karma.

Anyway, I know I am rambling on about her, but the point of this post is TinyCar was my first car, and now that I am faced with having to give her up I am finding myself feeling quite nostalgic. Everyone tells me that it will only be a week before I get over my nostalgia and fall in love with my new car, but I felt like I couldn’t let this moment pass without some note on the blog.

So long TinyCar! I will miss you!


Question to you, dear readers – what was your first car?


2 thoughts on “Farewell, TinyCar

  1. Min says:

    I would say I told you so, but that’s tacky. Oh screw it, you teased me mercilessly when I mourned the demise of my Versa!!
    I must say I do miss the days of driving around in your little Sunbird. We thought we were so cool. Less so once you had to duct tape the side mirror on…..There is something to be said of saying goodbye to the first car you buy and pay for yourself. I had a few hand-me-downs (I am not spoiled either!!) and I was never sad to see any of them go. I can’t wait to see your sweet new ride so we can come up with a new name. Nothing beats Rosanne, Bitch on Wheels though…. 🙂


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