Droolworthy: Chapters Indigo Holiday Collection

Chapters used to be my absolute favourite store. I say ‘used to’ because thanks to my Kobo I no longer need to go to the store to get my book fix. Despite not needing to go to the store to pick anything up, I find myself spending way too much time wandering around thumbing through books, drinking my Starbucks. Then, as if it couldn’t get any better, Chapters and Indigo started adding household goods to their stores. Thick luxurious blankets, and sturdy, latte-worthy mugs started to pepper the store. This season though they seem to have even more beautiful wares, and I have found myself drooling over so many things. Santa, if you are reading, I would be happy to find any of these under the tree this year!



From top to bottom, left to right: gold dot scarf | echo touch bow gloves |elephant stud earrings | primrose hill by buttersimplicity is the ultimate sophistication bangle | thin bow bangle | fold over clutch | good morning beautiful mug | hammered bowl | wishbone necklace | ruched snood |eos lip balm pack | love bracelet | cleo slippers


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