Wednesday Whine

Usually I don’t take to my blog to bitch about things, but it’s been a rough one, and its my blog, so I can do what I want.

Here are my rants for the day –

  • I was late for my morning French class so I didn’t get my morning coffee. Lack of caffeine caused me to confuse the verb être with avior, thus making me look like a dummy.     😦
  • There is a reason that Otis guy built elevators with a ‘door close’ button. More people should use it.
  • A good pair of tights are hard to find! I’m wearing new ones, which are not nearly tight enough but cannot be too big because they also do not seem to come up high enough. Consequently, I am forever hiking my tights up, which also causes my camisole to ride up. By the time I work my camisole down, my tights have started to fall.  #lingeriefail
  • People have no sense of space. In a crowded cafeteria you cannot simply stand wherever you choose and hope the staff can guess what you would like to eat. There are lines for sandwiches, salads and hot entrees. Your only obligation, other than paying, it to get into a line based on what you would like for lunch. Civilization has been lining up for food for hundreds of years. Be a part of that proud history!
  • When the only veggie in your ‘veggie lasagna’ is spinach, and only a few scant leaves at that, you are not actually serving veggie lasagna, you are serving meatless lasagna. Since cheese has taken up the bulk of space created by want of meat, this dairy sensitive gal is not a happy camper.

Okay, that’s enough ranting for one day. I am going to try and find a happier place for the afternoon. Tonight I am going to see Margaret Atwood read at The University of Guelph with Meghan, so that will definitely be a good time!

Happy thoughts, blogsters. We can get through this hump day together!


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