Negativity vs Natalia

There is something in the air today. I don’t know what it is but today things seem to be quite negative. Before 10 am I received two rather critical emails, both were responses to my offers to help. It was not the best start to my day. I took to Twitter to vent my frustrations and generally see what was going on in the world, and I was surprised to see that so many people were having the same experience. Whining, criticism, complaining and negativity seemed to be everywhere. To combat this, I suggest we all take a deep breath and admire this picture of my niece, Natalia.



Her hair is all crazy because she’s beginning to lose all the fuzz she was born with, and she has a smug little smile because she is my niece. Smugness runs in the family. Hope she brightens this gloomy negative Tuesday we all seem to be having!


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