Where Did December Go?

Hello blogsters! It’s been a while since I have checked in with you. The past two weeks have been rather busy with Christmas and what not but prior to that December was pretty relaxed. I managed to get my Christmas shopping out of the way early, so I wasn’t really stressed getting all that done. I actually spent most of December working, relaxing and avoiding all the bad weather we had.

In case you didn’t hear, Southern Ontario was blasted with an ice storm which began on Dec 20th. That was the night Sam and I scheduled our annual Christmas date. Each year we order Swiss Chalet Festive Specials and watch Love Actually and another Christmas movie. It seems that each year we switch who gets to pick the second movie. This year I chose Serendipity, but choices have ranged from Muppet Family Christmas to Die Hard. Wine and chocolates were consumed and I spent the night to avoid the bad weather.


By Sunday morning things were really bad! Power was out in parts of my city, and quite a bit of Toronto. I never lost power, but it did flicker when the wind blew. Against the warnings on the radio (and my better judgement) I went for a walk and was shocked to discover that I still had power. This is literally 50 feet from my apartment.


I did get some pretty pictures though.

IMG_1188 IMG_1189 IMG_1216

I made it to my mother’s on the 23rd without any incident. The roads were mostly cleared up by then. Niagara really did not get hit as hard as we did in my town. There wasn’t much snow at all and I was convinced we were going to have a green Christmas until I woke up to this on Christmas Eve.


Mass was attended and pierogis were eaten (Polish girls, unite!). Christmas Morning we went to my sister’s house to have breakfast and watch the kids open their gifts.

Nico played with his new cars and trains.


Natalie is too small to open anything so she just sat and judged the events with an air of skepticism that proves we share the same DNA more than any genetic testing ever could.


Later that day, my  mother, step-father and great-aunt went to Caledonia to have dinner with my step-father’s family. No pictures were taken, but it is about as traditional as you can get. It looked something like this –


Boxing Day my mother had to work and I had to make the trek to Toronto to go see my father. My sisters were up the night before but I prefer things to be a little quieter so I went there for lunch the next day. I was quite disappointed to see that my grandfather was not at my dads. He is 94 and the holidays take a lot out of him. That, combined with the troubles leading up to Christmas with the ice storm really exhausted him. Toronto certainly got hit a lot worse than Niagara or  my own town. The storm hit around the 21st of December, and this is what my father’s street and backyard looked like  on the 26th.

IMG_1205 IMG_1207

Some people in Toronto were without power until the 29th! Can you believe that?! It’s shocking how long some people were without any hydro over the holidays. My heart certainly went out to them. I guess the upside is that there were not too many cases of people being hurt or injured. It seems people really took care of each other over the holiday *insert Christmas-themed morality lesson here*

Well, that was my Christmas in a nutshell. How was yours, blogsters?


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