The Weather Outside is….Weather

It’s cliché to talk about how cold it is in Canada. Everyone knows. It’s cold in Ontario, really cold in the Maritimes, in the Prairies it is really, really cold. Really effing cold. Colder than MARS, cold. Seriously. In Saskatoon they are all like, “I wish I could be on vacation somewhere nice, like Mars”. Meanwhile Vancoverites are wandering around in shorts complaining about the rain (I assume).

We are having frost quakes in Southern Ontario. Yes, that’s a thing now. The earth gets so cold that it splits and causes something akin to an earth quake. Meanwhile, I am considering taking out a line of credit to pay for my hydro bill. Electric heat sucks, y’all.

Wherever you are – from Mars to Vancouver I hope you stay warm. And for the love of God, be nice to people. Drive according to road conditions and shovel the driveways of your neighbours, especially if they are elderly or single mums. This weather is hard on all of us, but harder on those who struggle at the best of times. Remember that. We are all in this together!


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