Party Like a 3 Year Old

Hey blogsters! Hope you had a great weekend. This weekend I traveled back to Niagara to spend time with my family and celebrate my nephew’s third birthday.

Seriously, how is this kid three already?


It happens in a flash.

Friday night I drove to Niagara and met my parents at Kelsey’s for dinner. It’s so nice to sit with them an relax and chat. They are the cutest!The real fun starts after we get home and my step-dad falls asleep, then my mum and I hijack the TV to catch up on our favorite show.


RIP Matthew.

Saturday I went to my sister’s house early under the guise of helping her set up for the party, but really it was just to chat with her and spend some time with the kids before all the rest of the guests arrived.

We had a great time! Nicholas got a bunch of great loot, we ate a ton of lasagna, salad and pizza (hello Italian in-laws!) and had a blast just watching Nicholas run around with his cousins. Lindsay made homemade cupcakes with butter-cream frosting, and Nico got some help from daddy to blow out the candles.


Natalia didn’t really care too much about the party. She just sat and made faces at her favourite Aunt.


Sundays are always the same thing when I go home to visit. They are the day I get to spend with my Auntie. She’s pretty awesome. She’s 90 years old and I’m pretty sure she could kick your ass. She’s threatened to beat me a few times over my life, and I always believed she could and would! She can drink you under the table, curse a mean streak, she rescues abandoned cats, goes to church every Saturday and spoils me rotten! On Sunday’s she treats me to lunch at “MacDonnel’s” and then we play bingo together. This week she found a number that I missed and told me, “they used to call me Hawkeye”.


We didn’t win the big money this week but we will be back to try again.


How was your weekend?


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