You guys!!!! I bought a condo!! I can’t believe I am actually typing this! It all happened so fast, but I am so happy!

I guess this story really starts a year and a half ago. Sam was buying a house and I was looking at places with him, giving him my advice and generally being my helpful opinionated self. We looked at some great places, some not so great places and two places that I fell in love with. One I fell in love with for Sam, and he actually bought it. I still love the house he bought. Its warm, cozy and makes me happy.

The other house I fell in love with was for myself. It was a two bedroom, two-story row house. At a hundred and ten years old, it had a lot of the period charm I was really looking for, but with a completely remodeled bathroom and kitchen. Even the decor was all me. There was a vintage Breakfast At Tiffany’s movie poster over the original fireplace. High ceilings, beautiful baseboards, crown molding, teak bowl sink on beautiful new bathroom counters. All I could think about was my perfect life in my charming but modern row house. Then my dad saw the house. He agreed it was charming, but made me realize that older homes could require a lot of work. I am not a handy girl (surprise!) and my handy brother-in-laws live two hours away from me. Also, when he peeked in the attic he saw that there were no fire walls between the units. This means if someone drops their cigarette five houses down it could quickly spread to my place. Given that the house was over a hundred years old, there was likely straw and horsehair between the walls. I tried to point out that this hasn’t happened in 110 years, so that had to be a good sign. He just looked at me and said, “remind me again – don’t you work for an insurance company?”

So that dream died. I kind of kept looking but with no real enthusiasm, the place I rent right now is great and I love it, so I was in no huge rush to leave, even though I knew buying a place would be a smarter financial decision than continuing to rent. Last summer I took a look at some new condos that were being built but the price did not jive with the amenities they were offering me. The housing market in my town is really competitive. My friend Rob was house hunting this past summer and had his fair share of ups and downs. I wasn’t looking forward to the challenges that he was going through. Then last Friday, I was chatting with a co-worker and truthfully, I can’t even remember what we were talking about but it inspired me to check out MLS just to see if there was anything that caught my eye. That’s when I saw this great apartment. 

All weekend long when I was back home in Niagara I was showing my family the MLS listing on my mother’s iPad.

“This is the apartment I’m buying!” I exclaimed with no mortgage, no real estate agent and no real idea how to buy a condo. Monday I called a real estate agent and actually went to view the condo. I walked away thinking it was great by the bedroom was a little small. I called my dad and told him. He agreed that if I felt the bedroom was too small it probably wasn’t the right place for me. My mother agreed too, but she was disappointed. I got home and mulled things over. Then my mother called and said that the bedroom really wasn’t that small. The rest of the place was a great size and my current bedroom is huge, maybe I was not being realistic about what to expect. She pointed out that the condo was a great price, in a great part of town and other than the bedroom being a little small it ticks all my boxes. I thought about what she said and it made a lot of sense. If House Hunters has taught me anything it’s that you are always going to have some sacrifices in home buying – if this was mine it really isn’t that big of a deal. Bedrooms are just for sleeping anyway, right?

Tuesday morning I emailed my real estate agent, told him I was interested and we drafted an offer for the condo. I also secured a mortgage that day and let my parents know I was going to put an offer in. Again, the market in my town is hugely competitive and this condo is in a really desirable part of town. My agent and I decided on an offer below list price and submitted it. I really didn’t expect the sellers to take my offer, and they didn’t. But they countered at something really reasonable and I accepted their offer. Just like that, 24 hours after viewing the apartment, it was mine. I called Misty, Jennifer, my parents, my sisters, all of my grandparents to tell them the happy news. They were all so excited for me, but honestly I think I was in shock. It hadn’t sunk in that I bought a new place. 

My closing date is not for months, but I will be sure to keep you all up to date on how things are going. This is a huge change for me, but I am really excited. Below are pictures of my new place (lifted from MLS, so it’s not creepy weird, the sellers posted them). 

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