Time Stops in Cougar Town

Recently while wading through Twitter, I stumbled upon this picture –


Those are our favourite Friends, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox. A solid 20 years after we first saw them on TV they reunited for an episode of Cox’s current show Cougar Town. Ms Cox will be 50 this year. For those who don’t remember, this is what the couple looked like back in their heyday, circa 1994 –


So blogsters – what do we think? It’s clear Courteney Cox has had some work done, but has she done a good job of it? Is she maintaining a youthful look or does she look overdone? Personally I think she is beautiful, but next to Matthew Perry, who clearly looks his age, she does tend to look a little plastic. Should we all leave well enough alone, or is there a way plastic surgery can be done right? I’d love to hear what you think!


3 thoughts on “Time Stops in Cougar Town

  1. minniekinnie says:

    You know how I personally feel about plastic surgery, but I am not opposed to someone wanting to make themselves feel better if it’s what they really want (and can afford) to do. I’m just shocked by the sheer number of celebrities that deny they have had anything done- HD TV’s have made liars of you all ladies, you know who you are!! If you’re going to do it, and especially if you are in the public eye, just admit it! The jig is up- we all see it, and we comment about it, even more so if it’s bad. I always thought Courteney was the most beautiful of the Friends, but lately, I just don’t recognize her. Its unfortunate for us ladies that aging isn’t the cake walk it is for some– Clooney, looking straight at you. I have to admit, and our texts would prove, the first thing I thought was “God, Matthew Perry looks hot! And Courteney looks like she has had a LOT of work done.” It’s unfair and probably mean, but that’s what happens when plastic surgery becomes part of the equation. She was and is a beautiful woman, but I am sad for her that she sort of got bullied into the Hollywood stereotype. She was such a unique look back in the day and I would have loved to see what she would have looked like sans Botox. Probably still a knockout. Regardless I love them both, and I don’t even watch Cougar Town, but I will be tuning in for that reunion. It’s the closest I will get to seeing Chandler and Monica 10 yrs later!


    • Ashleigh says:

      I completely agree with you. She is a very beautiful woman and I would never shame anyone for having plastic surgery if it’s what makes them feel good about themselves, but I often wonder about the pressure these women are under to maintain a certain look. You’re right Matthew Perry does look great. He looks much older than he did in Friends, but still cute as a button. It’s a shame we don’t allow women the same opportunity to age gracefully.


  2. Shirley Wittman Fornengo says:

    I agree with Ashleigh, give women the same aging grace as men. I feel there is a limit to what should be done if celebs feel they MUST have work done. Personally, I can’t even watch Cougar Town with Courteney’s lips as messed up as they are. I don’t like to watch her talk, nor does she even sound the same.


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