Quiet Times

Its been a little slow on the blog lately. I wish I could tell you that there was a really good reason, but honestly the reason things have been quite is because not a lot has been going on. After Christmas things have settled into a pattern and that coupled with the masses of snow we have been having has resulted in things being a little more routine than usual. Most of my days are spent going to work, going home, and the occasional drinks with friends, but not much of that is blog worthy. Since the pub is right across from my apartment and I walk to work, I don’t use my car very often.


Last weekend Misty was supposed to come up to visit, but snow ruined that plan. Rough road conditions forced her to cancel, so I had a very quiet weekend snuggled up, reading books and watching movies with this girl.


I did manage to pull myself away from relaxing to do some cooking. I made the curried cauliflower soup I mentioned in this blog post. I made a shepherd’s pie and even managed to bake a crusty loaf of bread.


So, that explains why things have been so quiet around here. This weekend will bring a little more excitement however. As you read this I am in Niagara, spending some quality time with the family and celebrating my mother’s birthday. There will be all sorts of fun activities that I’m sure I will be updating you about later, but for now I will leave you with some pictures of snow. It may have ruined some of my weekends, but it sure is pretty.




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