Getting It Together

I called in ugly to work today.

I woke up this morning and my right eye was swollen almost shut. I think it’s a sty but if it doesn’t look any better tomorrow morning I may have to hit a walk in clinic. In the mean time I am working from home. There are times in my life when I think that I have it all together. My nails are painted, there are three days worth of lunches prepped and ready to go in my fridge, apartment is spotless and I managed to go for a run or two. I can maintain this for 3, 4 days max. Then it all falls apart.

Real talk – right now there are dirty dishes piled up next to the sink, all of my laundry is dirty, my bed hasn’t been made in days maybe weeks? I also have about a million errands to do. I have to go to Rogers to exchange my PVR and modem (a strange result of me trying to cancel my home phone), I have to exchange a top at Target (humbling is when the “shapewear” you bought is too small), and I have to exchange a Christmas present at the mall.

This cycle seems to be repeating in my life lately. Everything is fantastic, life is going along tickety-boo, then the next thing I know I’m living like a college student who is failing out of freshman geology.

Sigh…please tell me this is normal?


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