Right now I am at work and I am supposed to be writing a business requirements document for an upcoming project I am leading. Typically at work I listen to podcasts on my iPhone, but I have difficulty listening to people speak (or sing) while I am trying to write, so I tuned into Songza. Right now the “Cool Jazz for Warm Nights” playlist is on and it is completely taking me back to high school. Parked in my boyfriend’s long country driveway in front of his parents farm house, in my two door hand-me-down car. We would spend hours parked talking in that dark drive way while jazz played on the radio and the windows fogged up from our breath. We couldn’t turn them down because it was summer and the mosquitoes would get in. Nothing more than a few good-bye kisses, just chatting endlessly.

I don’t think about that boy too often any more. I miss him like anyone would miss their first love, but the second there is good jazz on the radio I am instantly transported back to my time with him – dreaming about what it would be like to be grown up and out on our own while Chet Baker played in the background.


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