When I was in my first year of university I casually dated a boy my friends referred to as “The Apple”. He was trouble and you could see it all over his face. Wealthy, smart, good-looking and he knew it. His nickname represented the temptation he was in my life. Naughty but delicious.

Having a blog is very similar. The temptation to write things here can be incredibly strong. Last night I fought an urge to come here and write about the details I discovered about someone in my life. I wanted to vent and tell the world about the decisions this person is making, and how hurt I am by them and how they hurt someone I love deeply. I wanted to get validation from my readers about what a rotten human this person is being. But what will it accomplish? I already know these things and gossiping about it on the internet is not going to change anything.

When you have a forum, it’s hard not to take to it in a heated moment – both good and bad.  I have this blog because I want to share my life, and last night part of me wanted to share this specific part. I actually felt it would have been dishonest not to share it – but I held back. I would never go so far as to say I know exactly who reads here, but I have a vague idea of the friends (both former and current), family and assorted acquaintances who stop by and I know that this person does not read here, so I felt it would do no harm. Ultimately though,  I don’t want to be some one who uses this platform to spew anger and vitriol about a person I used to like, even if it might feel good at the time I write it. It is nice to know that while I wasn’t able to avoid the temptation of a handsome, silver-tongued 3rd year back when I was vulnerable frosh, I have grown up quite a bit and now I am able to avoid these temptations.

What tempts you, blogsters?


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