Sofas and Mattresses and End Tables, Oh My!

Disclaimer – this post would have been posted earlier in the week but then I got the flu. Ick.

This past weekend I took my monthly trip back to Niagara to visit the fam. Leaving on a Friday night after work is the worst decision EVER. I have done it a few times and it adds an hour to my drive. There is almost always an accident or traffic or traffic caused by an accident or some jack off who goes 50 on the part of the highway is only one lane. This time there was an accident which forced me to take a detour up the mountain and down the escarpment. It was over two hours to get to St. Catharines. Thankfully I was rewarded with some Chinese food when I got there.


Kung Pao chicken for the win. And for those wondering – yes, I grew up in Markham. No, I don’t use chopsticks.

Saturday my mum and I got up early and started on a marathon day of shopping. Our first stop was Sleep Country where I bought a new mattress. I got such a great deal and the sales staff was SO helpful. Honestly, I was so impressed with the service and price that I would never buy a mattress from another retailer. They were amazing! In hindsight I am so grateful that mattress selection was so easy because the rest of the day was exhausting. We went to 4 furniture stores in search of the perfect couch. I knew what I wanted – simple, clean lines (no rolled arms!) in a shade of medium grey, that was sophisticated but feminine. Easier said than done. Make no mistake – it is possible to get exactly what you want if you are willing to pay for it. This is where I got into trouble. I couldn’t decide between quality and price. Is there really over $2000 worth of difference between the custom built sofa and the one from Leon’s or Ikea? Is it worth paying more to make sure I get exactly what I want or should I compromise on style to get a better deal? There were three main contenders by the end of the day, which I managed to whittle down to two, but again the decision came down to price vs. style.

With my head spinning, my mum and I decided to take a break from shopping and head over to my sister’s place to spend some time with this little button –


Still has crazy hair. More adorable by the day.

We took her big brother home with us for a slumber party. Since there is only one guest room at my mother’s place, Nicholas and I shared a bed. Want a really horrible nights sleep? Share your bed with a 3-year-old. Homeboy snores worse than his mama used to!

Sunday morning – Nico left, we went back to shopping and I was even more confused than ever. We went to the largest furniture show room in Canada. I saw hundreds of couches. I liked one and it came with a matching chair for $3000. I almost considered it, but it was a lot of money and it just didn’t feel right. Finally as I was about to give up hope we stopped into one more store. The salesman was awesome and I finally made a decision. It was actually a couch I saw the day before that I fell in love with, which I would have custom made for me but this shop beat the price by about $300. Since it is being custom-built I don’t have any pictures of the final product but here is a picture of the model and the fabrics.


The sofa will be in the charcoal grey colour and the accent cushions will be in the pattern. I am not sure how much I love the accent cushions since I have fallen in love with some cushions I have seen on Etsy, but they come with the couch so why not? As the salesman was writing up the purchase I honestly felt like I could cry. Even though it was only two days all the couches, tables, chairs, prices and warranties were overwhelming and the act of finally making a decision was a huge release. I finally feel like things are coming together and all I have left to do now is pack and actually move. I know this feeling will be fleeting and in the next few weeks I am bound to be overwhelmed again but for now, I am at peace. I have a couch.


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