Checking It Off The List

Not an exciting weekend but a productive one!

  • Drop off bags at Goodwill
  • Get rid of two garbage bags of junk
  • New mattress delivered
  • Do taxes/curse father
  • Dish with BFF
  • Run in the sunshine
  • Laze in bed listening to church bells and enjoy new mattress
  • Catch up on Shameless (guilty pleasure)
  • Start packing
  • Go to Target for moving supplies, beautiful new mirror for condo
  • Splurge on adorable new work outfit
  • Pick up new shoes from post office
  • Binge read archives of one of my favourite blogs
  • Dust bunnies be gone!
  • Browse moving announcement cards
  • Bubble bath with glass of red and a good book
  • Cook delicious Sunday dinner with leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch

And now I am getting ready for Big Brother. Feeds have been down all weekend, which means I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen tonight. Very excited to see the fall out from Canada’s vote.

Hope you all had a great weekend blogsters!


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