April Showers

When I was in my first year of university I lived in the largest student residence in Canada. It housed over 1800 students. You know those ivy covered old buildings you see in movies? Yeah, it was nothing like that. It was massive, concrete and modern back when it was built in 1968.

Fun Fact: The architect who designed my residence also helped design the CN Tower

Another thing you should know is that in the centre of campus we have a cannon. His name is Old Jeremiah. It is campus tradition to paint the cannon to celebrate different events. Pep rallies, department events, parties, even engagements are all announced on Old Jeremiah. Students paint him in the dead of night and he looks different almost every day. See?



So, way back in the day – April 1, 2001 I woke up, grabbed my shower caddy and plodded to the bathroom to take my morning shower. I get into my preferred shower and to go turn on the water but there are no taps. Strange. I go into the next shower (the gross one no one liked) and again, no taps. I decide to go up one alcove and try the showers there. Again, no taps on either of the showers. Confused, I went back to my room to see if the roommates knew anything about what was happening. That’s when I noticed the crowd in the room across the hall. While most rooms housed between 1-3 students, there were “quads” that held 4 students and had their own bathroom. Apparently there were no taps in the ENTIRE residence. Over 110 bathrooms had been robbed of their taps and thus lines were forming outside the quads of the people nice enough to volunteer the use of their shower for their hallmates.

I didn’t take a shower that morning. There was no time before my class. On my way to McKinnon I passed by Old Jeremiah where I saw allllllll our faucets lined up on the cannon, around the cannon, in pretty little designs, stacked and piled. All I could do was laugh. To think that some one came up with the idea to steal all the taps, organize a night-time raid and then displayed them right in the middle of campus was brilliant. To date it is one of my favourite April Fool’s day pranks.

Happy April Fool’s Day, Blogsters!


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