Obsessed Much?

I am a planner and an information junkie. I love to know everything about everything. It’s a trait that has served me well in my academic career and random games of Trivial Pursuit. When I don’t know something, I immediately take to the Wikipedia app on my phone and sometimes get lost for hours clicking through links and related articles. Most people will tell you that if you need to know a random fact – I’m your girl.

When I was accepted to The University of Guelph I went mental trying to learn everything I could about the school. Where were all the buildings? Where were the dining halls? What did residence rooms look like? I would pour over information on the internet and even joined a forum of future U of G students to talk about our potential futures. I would spend hours day dreaming about what my dorm room would look like, who my friends would be, what a typical day would be like. It became all-consuming.

I tend to do this when I plan vacations as well. Last year when I went to Mexico I studied the resort pictures and maps, planned out which pools I thought would be best and the route from them back to the buildings we were staying in. I have this insatiable need to know and plan my future.

Initially when I bought the condo I didn’t think too much about it. It was so far away that it seemed surreal. But now, with the closing date having been changed and my moving date a mere 23 days away, the new apartment is all I can focus on. These are some of the many, many questions I have been pondering over the past little while:

  • is the laundry room big enough for storage as well as a space for Milah’s litter?
  • does the bathtub have a nice slope on the back of it, for when I read in the tub?
  • are the vegetable crisper drawers in the fridge see through?
  • will the bedroom get a lot of light in the morning?
  • which cupboard will I put the pots and pans in?
  • will it be as messy as the cupboard they are in now?
  • will Milah be sad that she can’t sit in the windows at the new place?
  • what will all the new furniture look like in the new apartment?
  • are my neighbors nice? friendly? attractive single men?
  • is it noisy?
  • do I need a carbon monoxide detector?
  • will I use the balcony more than I use the one in my current apartment?
  • what route will I take to drive to work?
  • how early do I have to get up in the morning now?
  • what time will I get possession of the new place?

These are some of the more sane things I think about. There are even crazier questions that I ask myself, but wont write down. But I spend a lot of time envisioning myself waking up in the morning, getting ready for work, coming home from work and cooking dinner. In these fantasies I am obviously impeccably dressed, and quite fit. I know that what I am picturing is probably not how things are going to go down, but imagining my soon-to-be perfect life in my prefect new condo is fun for now.

Please tell me I am not alone in my obsession over details and planning? Anyone else out there do this too?


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