The Move

I have been trying to sit down and write this post for a week now. Every time I sit down to write I feel like I am at a loss for words. The few days of my move were exciting, emotional and exhausting. I guess I will just start at the beginning…

Thursday night my mum came up to help. Truth be told, she wanted to make sure that I was 90% packed since I do have a reputation for not packing at all. This is also the reason my father and older brother-in-law refuse to help. They have showed up to move me once and there were still pictures on the wall and clothes hanging in the closet. But I digress…

I met my mum at Sam’s bar where we had a great meal and catch up with Sam. We then went back to my place to assuage her fear that I hadn’t packed a single box, and settled down with some red wine and Scandal.

The next morning, one of us (hint: me) was up bright and early, loading boxes into my car and my mother’s truck. I wasn’t sure what time I would get the call to pick up my keys but I wanted to make sure that when the call came, we were ready. I met up with my mortgage broker that morning as well, and she assured me that all the  money was sent from the bank to my lawyer, so if anything was holding up the transaction it was the lawyers. I knew that the former tenants of condo had moved out on May 5th, so I was pretty sure that since the money was all exchanged it wouldn’t be too long of a wait.

I got the call at 11:45 that my keys were ready to be picked up. It was actually much earlier than I thought it would be. So much so that my mother was only just getting out of the shower. We made it out of the apartment and to the lawyers with two fully packed cars at 12:45, then immediately went to the new condo to open the doors for the first time.

I walked around, checked things out then went to unload all the boxes from the car and truck. After we got the boxes in and unpacked a lot of the kitchen gear, we went to Target to stock up on some things I knew I would need, like dish washer detergent, toilet scrubby and trash cans. I also got a few unexpected new things like a dining room set, which was a beautiful and all too generous housewarming gift from my parents. We eventually took a break from unpacking and assembling to meet Sam at Buon Gusto for a celebratory dinner. You may remember my mother and Sam are deeply in love, and tell me how much they miss one another since we returned from Chicago last year.

After dinner, we parted ways with Sam and my mum and I went back to the new condo to try to finish up a few things, and be ready for when the guys came the next day. It was sitting there, assembling the new dining room set that I kind of broke down. I looked around and it just could not believe what I saw. I owned this place. I could do whatever I wanted, but it also meant that I was responsible for anything that went wrong. The accomplishment, the worry, the pride and the relief all washed over me and I cried for a good ten minutes. It was a happy cry, I think. It is really hard to say because I was feeling so much at the time – but this is how I roll. I go for months and months, pretending everything is fine, nothing is a huge deal, then it catches up to me and I need to release it all. I think it was after my little break down that we decided it might be time to go back to the old apartment and spend my last night there.


I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep the night before the move, but it was fine. I woke up early and started loading up the car again. My goal was to have as many boxes as possible moved so that my step-father and brother-in-law would only be responsible for moving the furniture. Once the guys got to the place, I left the old apartment, and stayed at the new place, unpacking and taking care of my cat, who was included in the first run of boxes that day. Everything went really smoothly! My mum and I traded off door holding responsibilities and the guys got everything moved in and set up in record time. We stopped for pizza around 2pm,  and everyone was gone by about 4:30. Thanks to all the amazing help from my mother, there wasnt even much unpacking to do.

With everyone gone I kind of puttered around a little. Unpacked the odd thing or two, but I was so exhausted that all I wanted to do was float in my new bathtub and relax. I think I was asleep by 930.

I honestly cannot thank my family enough for their amazing help and support through the move. I know that people move house all the time, and really it’s not that big of a deal, but I am so happy I could share the purchase of my first home with you guys. Since I am dreadfully behind on updates, I’m sure this wont be the last condo post you see!


*one of the reasons it took me so long to get this post up is because I was trying to upload a video of me walking into the apartment for the first time, but sadly, I could not get it to work and have audio, many apologies!*


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