Your Husband Is Looking At My Boobs….And He Likes It

Reblogging this from BFF’s blog. I brought the blog post she writes about to her attention and I am glad she was able to write about it so elegantly. I was far too angry. I still am. The perpetuation of this rape culture and slut shaming, the idea that men are animals unable to control their baser instincts, so it is up to us women to protect them from themselves makes me rage. It is infuriating. I am so upset that in this day, more than 40 years past the feminist revolution, people still think like this, let alone educated, first world women. Please read and share your comments.

Min's Musings

STOP!! Before you read any further, please click on the link below and read one woman’s take on social media and how it’s affecting her marriage:

I am in a slight rage about this. At lunch today I received an email from the BFF encouraging me to read this blog post and rage along with her.  There are several reasons I am angry about such a dangerous blog post circulating, but first I feel like some disclaimers are needed:

1) I believe in freedom of speech, and am in no way condemning people from speaking their truths. That being said, I am exercising my right to do the same in response to a moronic, backward way of thinking that is a horrible example for teenage girls and of marriage.

2) I try not to judge people, especially for the lifestyles they choose to live. But if you post tripe…

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