So behind on posting….

A few weeks ago I was sitting at my desk dreaming about getting away for a weekend. I would love to go back to New York, but with just buying a new place and saving for Europe next year, I decided that I should probably save my pennies and go somewhere a little closer to home. Ottawa was my first choice, as its drivable in a half a day, and I had only been once when I was about 12.

So, I called my favourite travel buddy (my mum) and we booked a trip for two weeks later.

I really didn’t have many expectations about what Ottawa would hold. I barely remembered it, but all I was really looking for was a weekend away. New streets to wander down, and new faces to see. As it turns out, I LOVED Ottawa. It was such a great city! So beautiful, easily walkable, with a million things to do. Between the Parliament buildings, history, museums, shopping and trails there really is something for everyone.

We went up to the top of the Peace Tower, where we saw beautiful views of the city below.


We wandered around the locks to the Ottawa River.


We took a boat cruise along the Ottawa River and saw the most famous address in Canada, 24 Sussex Drive, from the water.


We spent the morning in the National Gallery,where I created my own work of art.


We saw the amazing Mosaika show on Parliament Hill. This really surprised me. I was expecting an okay show, but the effects, the lights and the whole tone of the show were amazing. It is every night in the summer on the Hill, and it is completely free. You just plunk yourself down on the grass and watch.



Of course no trip to Ottawa is complete without a Beaver Tail! My absolute favourite is the Kilaloe Sunrise, cinnamon sugar sprinkled over hot, chewy pastry, then squirted with fresh lemon for a little zing. I could eat them all day long.


Our trip to Ottawa was short but sweet. We were able to see and learn so many great things, but still sit on a patio with a glass of wine and people watch. Sam has been saying for years that he wants to move to Ottawa, and now I finally see what he was talking about. It feels like a small town, with all the benefits of a big city. If it weren’t a 6 hour drive from everyone I love, I would move there in a heartbeat myself.


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