I have been focusing a lot on my weight lately. I have been doing my best to eat well and exercise more, and I honestly, thought I was doing a good job.

Then I weighed myself this morning.

I was up a pound and a half. Now, I know it’s not that much, but this is another pound on top of the twenty or so that I have already put on in the past year, and at a time when I am actively trying to lose weight. I have been eating better, and getting to the gym more often.

A typical work day diet looks like this –

  • natural peanut butter on a whole wheat english muffin for breakfast
  • grapefruit cup for snack
  • salad for lunch – romaine with veggies and ground turkey in taco seasoning, cherry tomatoes and chickpeas with basil and balsamic over romaine, or, this week it was this chickpea and cucumber salad
  • humus and pita chips for snack
  • meat, starch and veg for dinner


Fairly balanced, no? I have a cup or two of coffee a day with soy milk, and I try to only drink on weekends, but sometimes I will have a glass mid-week. I do not drink juice or soda.

I try to get to the gym three times a week, and I will walk/jog for a half hour, but lately I have only been going twice a week. Still, its more than I was doing 3 months ago (nothing!), and before I moved I was eating out for lunch about 3-4 times a week either at a restaurant or in our office cafeteria. I really thought the changes I have made would be helping to take some pounds off, or at least keep my weight stable, so seeing the increase was really discouraging. I have always been pretty loose on weekends, realizing that this is when I usually go out with friends and have dinner or drinks, but I think I will need to be more regimented about my weekend and take advantage of the time to make healthier meals and get more active.

I’m really trying to keep a positive spirit, and recognize my faults. Hopefully I will have some good news to report soon.


4 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Meike @ Meike's Kitchen says:

    I can empathise with you! Same here, only I’m not so good at the fitness side of things and I know I’m an over-eater unless my will power is strong enough. Anyway, could it be that you’ve developed more muscle mass through your fitness regime and therefore put on weight? Just a thought and maybe it’s an uplifting one.
    I’ve been battling my way through Jillian Michael’s “Shred”, Level One, second week, cardio is not my favourite but I’m getting there. I’ve actually promised myself not to weigh myself so not to be disappointed.
    Good luck to you!


    • Ashleigh says:

      Hey Meike! Thanks for reading.

      I wish that were the case, but I don’t think I have gained muscle mass at all. I haven’t lost any inches. I think I just let things get too lax on weekends. I heard Jillian Michaels say she hates the term “cheat days” because for a lot of people it translates into a free for all, and I think that’s my problem 🙂

      I think I just need to relax a little during the week, and tighten up more on the weekends. It’s all about finding that balance so I don’t feel restricted, but I still manage to eat healthfully.


      • Meike @ Meike's Kitchen says:

        Don’t mention Jillian, she’s the woman of my nightmares. I’ve got the 30 Days Shred DVD and have done Level One ten times in the past two weeks. (I did other stuff in my off days.) It took me over a week not to be in pain anymore and I still can’t do the whole workout without stopping for breath every now and so often. By the way, I don’t call them “cheat days”, I have “off days” – those days when I’m too tired or too whatever and so I might just do a bit of yoga. 😉

        Just stick to whatever works for you and you feel comfortable with.


  2. Vanessa Gonzalez (@VGonzee) says:

    Hey Ash – as a crazy bride that’s on the same weight-loss path you are, I can completely appreciate your frustration. I am no expert BUT I think you may need a little bit more protein in your diet along with some more good fats – avocado, maybe some greek yogurt? I say this because I’ve been doing Weight Watchers since March and whenever I plateau a little, they tell me to increase good fats and that usually helps to level me out and lose some weight. Another thing is – do some weights at the gym! I do the CX work out at Goodlife and then do a half hour of cardio. Body Pump is also excellent. Women are usually afraid of lifting (because, ew, who wants to be bulky?!) but lifting weights will help you burn fat a lot quicker.

    Keep at it! Don’t lose your focus.


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