Erin Condren 2015 Planner Review

*If you are interested in getting a planner of your own, you can save $10 with this link. Thanks!*

So here it is! The post I know a lot of you were anxiously waiting for – my 2015 Erin Condren Life planner review!

After a few months of having my 2014 planner, I convinced my friend Meghan to get on board, and she loved her planner. She is a PhD student so between her social life, her classes, being at TA and her part-time job, she has a lot to keep track of. Certainly more than I do! Two of my co-workers also began lusting after my planner, so when I went to re-order I made sure to check with them to see if they wanted in on it. This really helped to lower the $50 shipping cost, and made the price, one of my main complaints from last year, a little more bearable.

Once again, the planners were shipped in an adorable little box.


Opening it up you see more beautiful packaging and a little catalog of all of the beautiful Erin Condren products. There was also a $10 gift card in the catalog, but it expires on October 31, 2014 which was a total bummer. With $50 for shipping there is absolutely NO way I am ordering anything more than once a  year. Sorry, Erin! Really, this is a complaint I had last year and I am going to keep bringing it up because in this day it is a little ridiculous to charge so much for shipping from California to Canada. It really feels like a money grab, and I would have to say, I am thankful that the products are so high quality and that I was able to find some friends to share the cost with, otherwise I wouldn’t purchase this product. Erin, if you are listening, you  really, really need to find a way to lower that shipping cost.


Here are the four planners we ordered. The top one is Meghan’s, on the right is my co-worker Amy’s chevron planner, mine is on the bottom and my co-worker Heidi’s is on the left. She is the only one of us who chose to get one of the new quote planners.


My planner up close. I chose the Scales planner in sea foam. I didn’t customize anything other than my name, because honestly I just loved the design the way I saw it online. My last planner was really colourful, and this is a little more subdued. I love the colour, its feminine but not traditional pink or purple.


Inside, not much has changed from the last year, there are still monthly layouts, lots of space on the weekly views, and on the side between the Goals & Notes is a design that I think is a little nod to all of us who use washi tape to decorate or denote time. The stickers are almost exactly the same as last year. There are ones for doctors, hair appointments, vacation, games etc. The colours on the blank stickers are a little different than last year, which I appreciate. Maybe the biggest change, and certainly my favourite, is that the stickers are removable. This is SO handy! Last year I sometimes put stickers in the wrong place, or wanted to reuse a certain sticker and they were really difficult to remove. I ruined a few. Since this new planner needs to last me from now until the end of 2015, I may need to move some of those stickers throughout the year.




Lots of great pockets just like last year. The clear zippy pouch where I keep stamps and coupons, and the folder pouch where I keep documents and notes I need.


Lots of lined and blank pages to keep notes. I use these for lists of movies I want to see, blog post ideas, motivational quotes, and a huge list of things I needed to do for the big move this year.


So what is different? One of the biggest changes is that the perpetual calendar that was in the beginning of last years planner, and the contacts section that was in the back has been removed and put in this removable book. Handy because next year I wont need to re-write all the birthdays of the people in my life, and the odd contact number I keep in my planner. The not so great part is that it’s a loose book that could fall out and get lost.


The other big change is that the page marker is clear this year, allowing you to see what is written on the Wednesday or Thursday it would previously hide. The page marker is sturdier too, but so far my experience is that it is just more difficult to remove.


So, as you can see there were a few little changes, some more significant than others, but certainly there weren’t as many changes from 2014 as there were from 2013 to 2014. One of the big changes that I didn’t really touch on yet is the removable cover. This change kind of seems like a cheap ploy to get people to buy more product. The covers are already completely personal and can be designed by the consumer, I really don’t see the need for more than one cover. If you get so terribly bored with your cover that you feel the need to pay $60 for a new one, well then… have some real first world problems.

What would I like to see change for next year? Great question!

  • The shipping cost to Canada! Not to beat a dead horse, but this is such a stumbling block for a lot of potential Canadian customers. $50 is just too much for shipping. Lowering this or even providing options for slower shipping at a lower cost could really open the market to more Canucks!
  • The option for the consumer to choose between Canadian vs. American holidays. I love a soldier, but I don’t care when Veteran’s Day is. Sorry, Yanks!
  • For the perpetual calendar/contacts booklet to be removable, not loose. With the introduction of the removable covers and coil clips this year it would be nice if we either got one free coil clip or if there was a coil clip attached to the booklet so it doesn’t get lost.

So, there it is. My review on this years Erin Condren Life Planner. If you have any questions or would like to order your own planner, you can use this link to save $10 on your order!


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