Lazy Days

I had a bunch of things on my list of things to do today, but as soon as I opened my eyes this morning I knew none of them would get done. I just had no desire to get dressed or do anything that didn’t involve yoga pants and my couch. So, I have just been lazing around the condo doing very little. I have been watching Survivor: The Amazon because I have never seen that season and I’m a fan of Rob Cesternino and his podcast. I have read a little Outlander (book 4, Drums of Autumn) and watched an episode of the show that re-aired last night because I heard they would be airing a minute from the upcoming première. It didn’t. It did air the Love Forces You To Choose promo that aired Stateside about a week ago. I have left it below for your viewing pleasure   🙂

I also learned that Outlander will return to Canadian screens on April 5, just one day after it airs in the US! That is great news, since the first half of the season aired almost two weeks after it did in America. Yay!


Tomorrow I will be a responsible adult, but today I refuse to leave my little nest on the couch.


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