Whole 30 – Day 2

Day two started off really well. I expected to wake up with a headache from the sugar withdrawal. Whole30.com even states,

“Many Whole30ers report headaches, fatigue, and general malaise during this part of the program. This, my friends, is completely normal. Your body is working its way through a whole host of junk it stored from the foods (or food-like-products) you used to eat.” (source)

Thankfully, I did not experience this at all (knock on wood), but that statement kind of makes me believe that my diet wasn’t all that bad before I started this. However… Monday night I had poutine for dinner and two glasses of wine. Tuesday my dinner was Whole 30 compliant, since I knew most of it would end up as leftovers for day 1 lunch and dinner, but I also had an additional two glasses of wine (RIP wine. I miss you!), so as you can see, it wasn’t a great diet, and I definitely had a little pre-Whole30 party.

Today started much like yesterday, black coffee and two eggs in nests, but I decided to opt out of the coffee for my second cuppa. I switched to green tea with a squirt of lemon. I definitely enjoy it more than the black coffee. I also discovered that Frank’s Hot Sauce is complaint, although the X-tra hot stuff I already had in my fridge wasn’t? WTF Frank’s?! Anyway, I actually enjoyed my eggs this morning, so that was nice. I also had my apple and almond butter at work, but a little later than yesterday because I forgot about an early meeting. The good thing is that the later consumption of my apple meant that I wasn’t so hungry/sleepy when lunch rolled around.

Lunch was romaine, green peppers, cherry tomatoes and lemon oregano baked chicken, topped with a red wine vinaigrette. I also had baby carrots dipped in a Wholly Guacamole snack pack, which held me over until almost dinner time. I was starving by 5:30, so I chowed down on more lemon oregano chicken, some roasted potatoes and a huge salad of tomato, red onion and chopped cucumber with olive oil and red wine vinegar. It filled me up but didn’t do much to help the fatigue. I had an appointment tonight and could barely get myself off the couch to go. It seems I get most of my energy, right around 8-9pm. I heard that you sleep really well on Whole 30, and I’m excited for this to begin since I am a notoriously bad sleeper.

Overall, day two was a little bit more difficult than day 1. I definitely had some cravings. I passed by some TimBits on a table at the office today and thought about how yummy they would be. I also seem to be craving cheese pizza, probably because its a bunch of naughty things together, but ultimately I am excited to push past any difficult parts and get to the good part. Hoping this positive attitude through tomorrow. 🙂


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