A Whole30 Weekend – Days 4-6

Happy Monday! I needed a little help from the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack to get me going this morning, but eventually I found my energy. I have never been much of a morning person, and while I’m enjoying my morning green tea, it just doesn’t compare to the coffee I used to drink. This Sunday I tried to put coconut milk in my coffee (not the stuff in the milk carton, the real stuff in the can, found in the Asian section of the grocery store), but it did not cut it. Back to green tea.

Lots of cooking happened this weekend. On Friday, I made spaghetti squash and meatballs for Sam and myself. I used compliant tomato sauce, but make sure you check labels. A lot of ‘spaghetti sauces’ are full of sugar. Pure tomato sauce is safer bet. The only difference in this meal from how I would usually make meatballs is that I didn’t add any breadcrumbs to the meatballs or cheese to the sauce. I loaded the sauce up with onions, mushrooms and green peppers, and made sure there were lots of leftovers for Sam, who doesn’t really like to cook.

Saturday I made bacon, eggs and hash browns for breakfast and it was delicious! It felt like a meal I would have made before this whole endeavor, and even though there was no ketchup, I savoured every bite. Lunch was a giant beefsteak tomato and half a cucumber sliced with some prosciutto, which again was similar to a lunch I would have off Whole30, except it would also be accompanied by sliced baguette. I also made a giant pot of chilli very loosely following this recipe. I found it was a little thin, so in addition to the zucchini and onion I added mushrooms, red pepper and diced sweet potato. Also, I used the coconut oil like the recipe recommends, but next time I would use olive oil. I am not a big fan of coconut oil even though the Whole30 community is just nuts for it. I just find it imparts too much flavour to food. Chili was eaten with some sliced avocado on top and served al fresco, as we do.


Sunday’s breakfast was the one last egg in a nest I had left over from last week, and some raspberries. I don’t usually buy raspberries because while I like their flavour, I never could get used to their texture. But I thought, hey, this experiment is all about changing tastes and adapting to change, so I figured I’d try them again. They were okay. Still not a huge fan, but I’m glad I bought them. Lunch was a small bowl of chili. I find my appetite was raging when I first started Whole30. There was too much time between meals and since I was trying desperately not to snack, I was often ravenous when it was time to eat. Now though, my meals aren’t quite as large, yet I’m still full between meals. I do allow myself a snack now and then if I know I will be deviating from my schedule, for example Friday when I knew dinner with Sam would be late, or tonight when I know I wouldn’t be home from yoga until 7. Dinner Sunday night was roasted turkey breast, leftover roasted potatoes and lots of asparagus roasted in coconut oil (ick! Went right in the bin afterwards. Next time, olive oil).

Today has been great. As I mentioned earlier, a bit of a slow start, but nothing other than a little of the usual Monday morning drag. Breakfast and lunch were the same as they were last week, and dinner was leftover chili. The rest of that chili is being frozen for quick dinners later in the month.

A lot of my co-workers have been asking how my weekend was and whether I “survived”. One even joked that she could never be home thinking about all the forbidden food she could make. To be honest, staying at home was so much easier than being out. When I’m out running errands and get hungry I hit a drive thru. At home, I hit the fruit basket. The only really difficult time was Saturday and Sunday afternoons, where if I am at home, I can usually be found on the patio reading and enjoying a cocktail. I missed it enough on Saturday that I felt it was best to come inside. Other than that, the weekend was pretty easy. I relaxed and enjoyed my time.

In other news – my sister welcomed a baby boy this weekend, evening up the team to two nieces and two nephews. Guess I’m going to have to stop telling Nicholas he’s my favourite little boy…


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