Whole 30 – Days 7 and 8

I have been debating what to write about the past two days, because honestly, now that the initial struggle with Whole30 has worn off, things are pretty normal around here. I mentioned earlier that the first few days were a bit rough with some headaches and ravenous between meal hunger, but that seems to have tapered off now. Monday I barely finished my lunch, and was perfectly content until dinner. Even dinner was fairly light.

Yesterday I worked from home and had my typical eggs in a nest with some watermelon chunks. Watermelon was one of those things I hated growing up but then grew to love. Probably because you  can fill it up with vodka and have a real good time! Yesterday’s was just regular old melon though because of work, and Whole30, and because drinking vodka alone at breakfast is definitely a cry for help. But I digress… Lunch was a small bowl of chili. I packed another small bowl for lunch today and the rest of it now lives in the freezer.

Dinner was the real star yesterday. I made chicken curry using this recipe. I couldn’t find any compliant chicken stock, they all either had corn starch or cane sugar in them, so I just used water. Seriously, cane sugar in chicken broth. I couldn’t believe it myself. I have a whole chicken in my freezer right now, so I may make some broth later this month. I also made this coconut lime cauliflower rice to go with it and it was pretty good. My one complaint is that it was a little too limey. I would just use one lime next time, instead of the two called for. Other than that though, it was great! Definitely a better carb substitute than mashed cauliflower, which ain’t fooling no one!

Today was my usual breakfast, a tiny bit of chili for lunch along with a sliced orange pepper. I packed carrots and guac as well, but lately I haven’t been hungry enough to eat them. Dinner tonight was roasted turkey, steamed broccoli and some roasted sweet potato, which is something I would have eaten for dinner before I started this.

I think that’s one big misconception about Whole30 – people think you are going to have to change things so dramatically to stay on this plan and that’s not really true. You have to change things, definitely, but I’m still eating a lot of the same meals I used to eat, just more of them and slightly modified. Chili and spaghetti squash and meatballs were always in my usual dinner rotation, as was chicken,  veggies and sweet potato. I just changed them a little. No beans in the chili, no cheese on the meatballs, no butter on the potato. Not huge sacrifices, and to be honest, I didn’t miss those ingredients. Now is the part where you’re saying, “well, you have to miss something” and I do. I miss coffee and wine most of all, and that is probably as much about routine and comfort as it is the taste of those two things. I think about carbs a lot. Today I thought about the delicious sandwiches at a local shop, served on thick, fluffy homemade bread (Ouderkirk and Taylor, for locals), I thought about the dense and chewy bread I make, and I cannot get cheese pizza out of my head. But really, the cravings aren’t that bad. I think of how far I have come, and even though it’s really only a week, I don’t want to give up. I want to see this through, and I think I can. I think you can too   🙂


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