Whole30 – Oh, The Dishes You Will Do!

I have never been so thankful to have a dishwasher in my life! After living 10 years without one, it was one of the selling features of my new condo, and it has come in so handy while I have been doing the Whole30. I cook more, so there are roasting pans, pots, cutting boards and knives in addition to the dishes I am eating off of. Those leftovers go in Tupperware in the fridge. My lunch is packed in Tupperware every day. I run my dishwasher about every other day now, which for one person living alone feels like a lot. I used to run it once a week. Maybe twice on a busy week.

In other news, I just completed my first Whole30 grocery shop that was under $100! $68.72 to be exact. My previous two shops (I go once a week) were both well over one hundred dollars, but I attribute that to stocking up on things like almond butter, coconut oil and meat. My appetite has lowered a lot recently and this shop I was much more aware of what I have eaten in the past two weeks, so I’m not buying things that will eventually go to waste. Don’t you just hate wasting food? I cannot stand it. I feel like I may as well be throwing cash right into the bin. I’m really trying to get better about meal planning and using leftovers in creative ways, and this challenge has definitely helped.

Food has been pretty much the same since my last update. Egg cups and fruit for breakfast, usually a salad for lunch and then meat and veg for dinner. At Sam’s on Friday night, I made this citrus herb chicken, which I have made a bunch of times before and is really yummy. It’s great for summer with the fresh, fruity flavours. I have definitely been feeling cravings lately. Cheese pizza! Seriously. I know I have mentioned it before, but my kingdom for cheese pizza and a glass of red wine! I know this is a really common stage, and the Whole30 website recommends journaling when you have these cravings. On my way home from work I go down a street that has all the fast food restaurants in our town, and I thought to myself, “technically french fries are compliant…” but I also knew that I am way too far into this to give up right now, and there was no way in hell I was going into a drive thru and not leaving with my fries and a bacon double something with extra cheese. I just kept on driving.


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