Whole30 – Halfway

This should have been posted last week but I got a bit busy lazy. Many apologies!

Halfway, baby! I was really excited to reach this milestone the other day, and today I realize that I am on the downward slope of this little journey of mine. I was chatting with Misty over the weekend and I was telling her that the experience has become pretty easy for me. It’s just how I eat right now. The most difficult meal of my day is still breakfast, but this past weekend I made these homemade sausage patties, and yesterday I had two of them and a side of chunked up watermelon. The perfect combination of sweet and savory! Today I had them with a Granny Smith apple.

The rest of my meals have been pretty similar to others. Lunches are leftover protein from dinner the night before and salad. Dinners have been meat with two different veggies for sides.  I roasted a chicken on the weekend, then on Tuesday I made these coconut crusted chicken fingers. They were tasty but definitely needed a dipping sauce (the one in the recipe is not compliant). I think a sweet/hot mango sauce would be good, but I didn’t make any. Next time!

As far as this Whole30 thing goes, I mentioned that it has become second nature, which it has. I have had one dream that I ate non complaint food (Caesar salad, with parmesan cheese shavings) and there are times where I mentally review what I ate all day to make sure I was complaint. I’m worried about inadvertently cheating, that’s how second nature it is! So far, the only cheating has been in my dreams  🙂

I’m now in what the Whole30 community calls the ‘tiger blood’ phase, where people have boundless energy, sleep like logs and are uncharacteristically happy. I haven’t really experienced that yet. I definitely have more energy than I used to, but not a ton of it. I have not been sleeping well, but I am a notoriously bad sleeper, so this is not really that surprising. I would like to experience more of this alleged tiger blood phase in the next week but I won’t be that disappointed if I don’t. I have definitely lost weight through this process. Although weighing ones self is not allowed in the 30 days, I can tell from the way that my clothes fit and the way I look in the mirror that I am definitely down a few. I definitely feel better about my self and my body and, regardless of any other gains (or losses), that is enough to make this whole thing worth the challenge!


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